Everyone Missed This Season-Long Clue Foreshadowing Last Night’s Shocking ‘GoT’ Death

Spoilers for the Game of Thrones season 7 finale below!


Lordy what an episode. First, like every character in the whole show met and had a Westeros G20 summit. Then Littlefinger got Stark-Whacked, then Jon Snow had sex with his aunt, Jamie ran away from home and the Night King took a huge chunk out of the Wall with blue-fire-breathing-zombie dragon. Also I think at some point Sam Tarly was like “Hey!”

But let’s go back to Littlefinger for a second.

In what may be the most satisfying GoT scene of all time; Sansa, Bran and Arya play Littlefinger like a weirwood fiddle and put him on trial for all the schemes and shenanigans he’s been up to for like seven seasons. Then Arya straight-up knifes his throat mid-sentence before he can weasel his way out of it. So good.

The moment caught a lot of fans by delightful surprise, but one Redditor posted the following about their girlfriend noticing a possible clue leading up to Littlefinger’s death:

She only revealed this to me today, but she said that almost every time Littlefinger was on screen in season 7, you could hear ravens/crows in the background making noise. She eventually put together that Bran was listening/watching everything Littlefinger was plotting and would finally be the one to pull the plug on him. And how did she pick this up? The noise they made pissed her off every scene with Littlefinger.

Edit: Since people are reacting way to wildly; this is only referring to Season 7 scenes. Don’t start going back to S1-6 for this.

Well how bow dah? “That’s honestly the find of the century” wrote one commentor.

If you recall, crow sounds were pretty present in most of the Winterfell scenes. I missed the connection, but if it was an intentional clue it means that Bran isn’t as useless and lame this season as we’ve all been saying he is. As great as the surprise was, it would’ve been really cool to see the Stark kids teaming up and using all of their powers to outsmart the shadiest dude in the seven kingdoms.

For now though, we have this gif to watch on repeat while we wait a year for more episodes: