Dany & Jon Are Definitely Going To F*ck & I Am Not Here For It

On the latest episode of Game of Thrones, a lot of things went down – I mean, a lot of things. The Avengers via Westeros took the path beyond The Wall and found themselves in a pretty f*cked up situation. Can you imagine being surrounded by thousands of White Walkers and you’re just waiting for them to kill you? Not to mention, we lost our precious Viserion to the Army of the Dead *STILL CRYING*

But, the most moving and emotional moment besides losing a dragon had to be the moment between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. After Jon saved everyone else’s life and left himself to die amongst the White Walkers, he was saved by his Uncle Benjen in a heroic and surprising scene (who knew Benjen was even still alive?)

He was then taken onto the ship back to Dragonstone – an icicle – as the guys tried to undress his frozen attire and Dany lays eyes on his scars (realizing he did actually take a dagger to the heart for his people and, wets herself).

The two have an intimate conversation when Jon comes to, as he apologizes for going beyond the wall in the first place because she came to his rescue – ultimately killing one of her children. He, wholeheartedly, says he was wrong for wanting to go and wants to make it up to her.

Then, he calls her Dany.

Then, he “bends the knee.”

Dany’s eyes tell all – she’s ready for that “sword.”

Now, if you ask me – that’s some flirtatious bullsh*t the Game of Thrones writers threw in the script to piss people off. At the end of the day – they’re related. We know for a fact they’re aunt/nephew and it’s legit (thanks, Gilly). So, why are you making us crazy with incest relationships in every single direction of GoT – it’s bad enough I have to suffer through Jamie and Cersei, do not ruin my Jon Snow with your dirty, dirty incest.

Yes, of course, there are people who will say “but, the Targaryens have been inbreeding for years, incest is part of their family line, it’s part of their blood.” But, guess what? STILL GROSS. What happens if they do get together and Jon Snow happens to break the “curse” on Dany and she gets pregnant with an incest baby? Chaos. Incest babies can turn out to be crazy and have a lot of issues (i.e.: Joffrey).

It would be awesome if the two of them can team up and defeat all of the White Walkers (ideally) and kill Cersei – but, I’d love to see it happen without penetration.

Here’s to hoping my virgin eyes don’t burn like the fire of Dany’s dragons.