The 9 Biggest WTF Questions We Have After The Game of Thrones Season Finale

7. Will anyone really want to help Cersei if the entire world is in danger?

Cersei had a “solid plan” to get money and an army from the Iron Bank now that Jaime secured her a bunch of gold a few episodes ago. But, the threat of the White Walkers was so real to some people that they immediately wanted to join forces with Jon to fight them off. Cersei, however, lied and said she would call a truce, but will never work with people who are “against her,” and, we secretly all knew that.

But after seeing a half-dead, zombie, scary, monster – is anyone going to really care about the Throne if everyone is at risk to die? How long will it take for people to see that it’s coming (well, now it’s here)?

8. Is Theon finally going to redeem himself by saving Yara?

In a huge plot twist and proud moment for fans, Theon actually showed up and did something right for once. After knocking the sh*t out of an Iron Island member on the beach, he set way to go rescue his sister, Yara.

Will he be able to actually find her and save her before Euron or Cersei kill her?

9. What does the future hold for the Stark family?

Sansa, Arya and Bran Stark proved that this House may have lost a lot of its members, but it has not lost its family bond. The three worked effortlessly together to finally bring down Littlefinger for all of his lies and manipulation that caused the death of their parents and brother – it was a scene in which everyone was left speechless.

But, now that Jon is no longer a “Stark” and, everyone will find out, what is in store for this House and these three siblings? Jon is the “King of the North,” and if he’s no longer really a “Stark” or even a Bastard of the Stark family – he isn’t the heir to their house or Winterfell any longer. So, who is going to take over House Stark or Winterfell and will things ever be the same between them all?