People Are Angry That Jon Snow Did Ghost So Dirty In Episode 4 Of ‘GoT’

**This post is dark and full of spoilers**

The last few episodes of Game of Thrones is upon us and everyone is ready to see what’s going to go down and who will take the Iron Throne. In Episode 4, after the Night King was defeated and the Long Night was broken—everyone left Winterfell to head down to King’s Landing. Daenerys basically told everyone in the North that she helped them, so now they best help her defeat Cersei and get the throne.


There were a few goodbyes that people had to give when leaving Winterfell, as many were leaving with Dany to help her out down South. One person who left alongside the Queen was Jon Snow. Jon said goodbye to quite a few people—including Sam, Gilly, and Tormund. When saying goodbye to Tormund, he asked him to take Ghost with him back up North with the Free Folk.


And, when he left, Jon didn’t even say goodbye.

Honestly—what a fucking dick. Ghost has been a ride-or-die friend and companion to Jon all the way since Season 1. How dare he go off to King’s Landing and give Ghost away without saying goodbye. Ghost has done nothing but love, protect, and fight for you, Jon, you are a heartless POS for not giving him a proper goodbye.

I will never recover from this slap in the face.

I’m not alone in feeling this way, Twitter was outraged to see Jon being such a cold MF.

That’s it, Jon Snow is dead to me.