The 9 Biggest WTF Questions We Have After The Game of Thrones Season Finale

4. What really happened between Cersei and Tyrion?

The scene in which Tyrion and Cersei meet was cut pretty short and there were things said we did not get to see as viewers. After finding out that Cersei may be “pregnant,” Tyrion has a change of tone – and quite possibly, a change of heart. He feels horrible for having a hand in the deaths of his niece and nephew – how will he feel knowing there could be another child on the way that he can save and avenge the deaths before?

Will Tyrion disobey Dany and make an alliance with Cersei, allowing her to have an inside spy on what goes on? Is that why Tyrion was standing in the hall while Jon and Dany were together – or, does he know Jon’s true identity as well?

5. Was Viserion breathing blue fire or cold, cold ice?

When The Night King was riding Viserion to bring down The Wall at the end of the episode, we saw Viserion spitting out blue, blue…something. We’re not entirely sure what happens when a dragon is turned into a White, but, seeing as they work mostly with ice and snow – it could be possible Viserion is breathing ice so cold, it was powerful enough to bring down the wall.

Or, it could be totally possible that he’s breathing fire that’s just blue, seeing as blue is synonymous with The White Walkers and The Army of the Dead.

6. Are The Hound and The Mountain going to have a battle of their own?

The Hound finally approached his brother, The Mountain, during their reunion at King’s Landing. The short but important conversation showed a new side of The Hound, who is fearless and unwilling to be pushed around by his powerful brother any longer.

Are we going to see an epic and powerful battle between these two, heartless, strong men in Season 8?