‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Are Convinced Sansa Stark Will Be The One To Kill Cersei, Here’s Why

After an iconic episode of Game of Thrones on Sunday, many fans are bracing themselves for what is to come. We lost a lot of good people and names from the series—but, once and for all, the Night King was defeated (or, so we think). The long night is over and now, everyone in the show can refocus their attention on the one true battle to finish—the fight for the Iron Throne.

Currently, we know that Cersei Lannister still sits, short-haired and angry, on the throne. She has officially lost most of her alliances, with the exception of the Golden Company and Euron Greyjoy. Her brother/lover, Jaime Lannister, dipped the fuck out to go fight the dead with their other brother, Tyrion, and the rest of the Seven Kingdoms in the North. So, now, Cersei is left open to basically all other major characters in the show—who, seem to be pretty #TeamDaenerys at this point in time.

Fans know that the only way Cersei will give up her seat on the Iron Throne would be to rip it out from under her—or, kill her. Therefore, everyone is convinced Cersei Lannister will be one of the major deaths to go down this season before the show wraps up.

According to prophecies on the show, a valonqar is “supposed to be” the one who kills Cersei—which many fans assume will be either Tyrion or Jaime Lannister. However, the show is iconic for pulling things that are out of left field, meaning that Tyrion and Jaime probably won’t be the ones to kill Cersei, seeing that she will be killed. If she were to be murdered, it would definitely be by someone who is the least expected. If I were to put money on it, Jaime and Tyrion could contribute to how she dies, but won’t be the ones to deliver the final blow.

Now, Arya Stark is a runner up for who will kill Cersei, too, seeing as she’s been on the top of Arya’s list for seasons and seasons. Additionally, before Arya went off and killed the Night King, Melisandre said she would close “brown eyes, blue eyes, and green eyes.” Fans, therefore, correlated the prophecy to Walder Frey, the Night King, and then possibly Cersei Lannister for the green eyes.

However, Arya Stark had her moment in the sun. I don’t think that the showrunners would have Arya kill two of the biggest enemies on the show within the same season. They also claim that they decided years ago that Arya would be the one to deliver the “final blow” to the Night King—so, I think they may have someone else in mind for the killing of Cersei.

That leaves us with a new idea that makes a whole lot of sense—Lady Sansa Stark.

Thinking back to Season 1, Sansa has come a very long way on the show. She went from a timid little girl who wanted to marry the evil Prince Joffrey to being forced into marrying Tyrion to being forced into marrying Ramsay Bolton—to finally getting her freedom back home at Winterfell. Let’s not forget that the Lannisters had a hand in killing her entire family—including both her parents and her brother, Robb.

Cersei has tortured Sansa for years and years. While Sansa did say in Season 7 that she learned “a great deal” from Cersei—she also could be talking about how to play the game the way that Cersei always has. And, while Maggy the Frog’s prophecy talks about a “valonqar,” maybe Sansa will be the one to kill her, as Sansa was her “little dove,” for many a time.

Additionally, Sansa and Arya had a brief conversation in Episode 3, where Arya gives her a dagger—giving her the same lesson Jon Snow had given her all the way back in Season 1—saying “you stick them with the pointy end.”


Sansa has come a long way on the show—from a shy girl to Lady of Winterfell. Her ambition and drive have come full circle, surviving everything she’s been faced with by playing her cards with—never killing someone once. It would be a shock to many fans if Sansa were the one to kill Cersei, especially because she’s not a fan of Daenerys as a Queen. But, if she finds out that her brother, Jon, has a stake in it, maybe Sansa will do whatever it takes to protect her family.

People on Twitter are convinced that Sansa, too, will be the one to kill Cersei—and want her to be the one who does it, too.

What an iconic way to take down the “Queen.”