25 Photos From Last Night’s ‘GoT’ You Can Actually Fucking See

As everyone knows, last night’s Game of Thrones was one for the history books. The longest battle in television history was absolutely iconic and one to remember. But, as we all know, that shit was dark as FUCK. It was almost impossible to see anything and half of us were sitting at home like: “WHO IS THAT? JAIME? JORAH? JON? I CAN’T SEE!”

So, if you’re still sitting with your head up in Winterfell, wondering how in God’s name Arya Stark got through an army of dead people to save her brother Bran, we pulled some of the lightest photos from the episode we could find—you know, for your viewing pleasure.

1. Here’s Viserion spitting that hot blue fire.

2. Lady Lyanna Mormont shocked to see her men dying one-by-one.

3. The (second) most powerful moment in TV history for a female—Lyanna Mormont taking down a giant White Walker to save the North and the living.

4. Theon Greyjoy protecting Bran with flaming arrows.

5. Bran warging the fuck out while this entire battle is going on (P.S., where did he fly to?!?)

6. Beric fighting off the dead with his flaming sword from the Lord of Light.

7. And, Beric saving Arya with the same flaming sword (Thank God!)

8. The special guest of the whole show—Ghost at the very front of the battlefield.

9. Grey Worm bloodied, but not broken by the Army of the Dead.

10. Jaime and Brienne fighting side-by-side to protect each other.

11. Arya Stark proving she’s THAT BITCH.

12. The most iconic pep talk of the series, Melisandre telling Arya she’s “going to shut blue eyes.”

13. And, Arya realizing what that truly means.

14. The Hound scared of…everything.

15. This tender moment between Sansa and Tyrion about their “somewhat good marriage.

16. Gendry looking as fine as ever.

17. Sam fighting off a White Walker, trying to prove he’s not just a book smart guy.

18. Daenerys and Drogon lighting it the fuck up.

19. But, the Night King standing there like, “Bitch, you would have thought.”

20. Jon thinking he can take down the Night King by himself.

21. And, the Night King being like “Surprise, Round 2 Sucka!”

22. Daenerys and Jorah fighting side-by-side like real lovers do.

23. And then, Daenerys mourning Joran—a huge loss.

24. This iconic moment where Arya kills the Night King with one swift move.

25. And, Melisandre—aka the hidden gem of the Battle of Winterfell—taking one last walk.


h/t: BuzzFeed