16 ‘Game Of Thrones’ Behind-The-Scenes Photos From The Battle Of Winterfell

The Battle of Winterfell, eight seasons in the making, graced our screens with dim lighting and tons of blood. While fans were squinting at their TVs, trying to find out who died and who was alive, we were 900% shocked, proud, and into it. If you’re still reminiscing on Sunday nights, here are some behind-the-scenes photos from the cast themselves while filming the iconic episode.

1. This adorable photo of the Night King and Bran hanging out, hiding from the rain.

2. Emilia Clarke sending off her BFF Jorah with love and affection.

3. Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams having fun on set.

4. Sophie Turner saying goodbye to Theon.

5. Brienne and Tormund bloodied and laughing.

6. Melisandre staying caffeinated on set.

7. This adorable photo of “destroying” the Night King.

8. Podrick sharing his bloodshed.

9. Kristofer Hivju proving he’s a true wilding.

10. And, sharing his love for Lyanna Mormont.

11. Samwell Tarly fighting for his life.

12. Yara Greyjoy doing the mom thing on set.

13. Bella Ramsey, aka Lady Mormont, posing with her co-stars.

14. And, sharing her post-zombie giant killing.

15. The Night King showing that there’s no bad blood between him and Arya.

16. Aflie—aka Thoeon—saying goodbye to GoT forever.