Is Cersei Really Pregnant Or Is She Lying To Gain Jamie’s Loyalty – A Breakdown

In episode five of Game of Thrones, Cersei dropped the bomb on her brother/lover/baby daddy Jamie Lannister that she’s carrying a baby – his baby.

Of course, the news came at an extremely convenient time. Jamie had just returned from an awful battle with Dany – Cersei’s arch enemy and, she just found out that Jamie had met with their brother Tyrion – also, Cersei’s arch enemy. Basically, Cersei being who she is, is obviously angry with Jamie for “betraying her trust.” How can she not be? This is her lover/twin brother – basically, the closest person to her.

But, Cersei is well-known for scheming her way through life and gaining exactly what she wants by being a shady, shady b*tch – I mean, burning hundreds of people just to regain your crown is the ultimate shady b*tch move, is it not?

And yet, we’re stuck with the question of truth – is Cersei really pregnant with another Lannister incest child, or, is she lying through her wine-soaked teeth to make sure Jamie remains loyal to her forever?

Cersei is getting a bit “Mad Queen” on us come recent seasons and – Jamie is aware of this. Such can be seen in the way in which she wanted to kill Olenna Tyrell and, Jamie objected to every single cruel and unusual punishment (although he may have regretted it after finding out she killed his son). He also doesn’t trust Cersei’s “hand,” who seems a bit shady, as well. That’s why he’s always asking what TF is going on with them when they’re meeting behind closed doors.

He also met and listened to what Tyrion had to say – regardless of what Cersei has to say about him. While Cersei admitted to knowing about this meeting, Jamie was under the impression she had no idea and he didn’t exactly turn his brother in, knowing Cersei had a “warrant” out for Tyrion.

She’s also going straight for the “revenge” card in the scene when she asks Jamie if he’s going to punish Bronn for “betraying him.” He set up the meeting with Tyrion and Jamie without Jaime’s knowledge and tricked him into going by saying they were going “to train.” In Cersei’s book, that’s grounds for death. But, Jamie’s not as f*cking whacked as she is.

The only way Cersei knows how to control Jamie is by giving him what he has always wanted – her.

For years, she had kept their love and relationship under the rug, lying to people about who the father of her children was and who she was lying in bed with at night. By telling Jamie that she is indeed pregnant again with a fourth child – and, is willing and ready to tell people that he is the father of the child – she is giving him exactly what he has been waiting for.

The real kicker is what Cersei says to Jamie after she breaks the news while they are embracing. She whispers in his ear, “Never betray me again,” which, sounds more like a threat than a request. Knowing Cersei Lannister as well as we do – it’s a threat.

So – is she really pregnant with another Jamie Lannister incest baby – or, is she lying in order to keep Jamie on her side? I’m thinking it’s the latter. But, with Game of Thrones, you really never know.