13 Important Details You Definitely Missed In Season 8, Episode 4 Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

**This post is dark and full of spoilers**

Episode 4 of Game of Thrones’ Season 8 has set the stage with what can only be described as the ultimate battle for the throne. The episode focused on the aftermath in the North after everyone in Winterfell defeated the Night King and his army. Throughout the episode, conversations between characters that we have been anxiously waiting for took place—and, the majority of them called back on earlier seasons, proving that the show really has come full circle.

1. Jon’s speech mourning the dead soldiers from The Battle of Winterfell included the words of the Night’s Watch: “And we shall never see theirlike again.”


2. Tyrion makes a comment about Bran’s wheelchair, mentioning the saddle he had designed him earlier. This is a callback to Season 1 when Tyrion visited Winterfell and created a saddle that allowed Bran to ride a horse after his injury.

3. Daenerys is seen wearing all red—which we know represents the “Fire and Blood” of Targaryen Red. It’s the first time she’s seen wearing all red and calls back to her father, The Mad King, who also sported all red.


4. The producers of the show accidentally left a coffee cup in the shot of Daenerys at the table. After people online pointedout their flop, they ended up editing it out.


5. Writers D.B. Weiss and David Benioff make a guest appearance as two wildings.


6. The reunion between The Hound and Sansa Stark discuss their history of when they first met at King’s Landing in Season 1. The Hound even mentions how he tried to help her escape and referred to her as “Little Bird.”


7. During their conversation, Pod walked off with not one girl but two girls. TWO GIRLS! Reminding us, we still don’t know what Pod did to those girls several seasons ago.


8. Arya’s rejection of Gendry’s proposal was a callback to a conversation she had with her father, Ned Stark, at King’s Landing.


9. During the meeting of the Stark family, Sansa and Arya continuously refer to themselves as “the last Starks,” which is a callback to Cersei Lannister’s conversation with Jaime saying they are “the last Lannisters.”


10. Bronn’s comment to Jaime and Tyrion when he enters the room is a callback to when he and Jaime first met Brienne of Tarth at Robb Stark’s camp.


11. Arya and The Hound ride off to King’s Landing together, a callback to their previous adventure together, making their way to Winterfell.


12. When Tormud told Jon “you’ve got the North in you,” it was a callback to Season 2 when Jon says Ned Stark always told him that he’s “of the North.”


13. Missandei getting killed while wearing chains is symbolic and very important. Cersei decided to murder her in chains to prove that Daenerys is not truly the “breaker of chains,” if someone can simply slip them back on the slaves she’s freed. Additionally, her last words, “Dracarys” was a call back to when Dany originally freed her and her people from their slave owner.


h/t: BuzzFeed, HBO