20 Times Kit Harington & Rose Leslie’s Relationship Was Too Perfect For Us To Handle

Kit Harington and Rose Lesliewho both star in Game of Thrones – fell in love after they met on set. Their characters, Jon Snow and Ygritte, were madly in love on the series and after they filmed numerous love scenes together, they actually fell in love in real life. This is one of those stories that seem too good to be true – because, they are too good to be true. There’s absolutely no denying the fact that we’re all f*cking jealous that these two ended up together – it’s the ultimate #goals. Plus, everyone is attracted to Jon Snow on the show, it’s no secret all Game of Thrones female fans (and some guys) are jealous that Rose Leslie gets to crawl into bed with him every night. But, throughout their relationship timeline, there are just so many moments that leave us going – “I wish that was me.”

1. When Kit and Rose were trying to keep their relationship off-screen on the DL, hiding on a dinner date in 2012.

2. When they adorably were sat next to each other at Comic Con San Diego and couldn’t look happier.

3. When Rose forces Kit to take selfies together like any other “normal” couple.

4. When Kit told people he and Rose moved in together in the most adorable f*cking way possible.

5. When they’re constantly smiling at each other on red carpet events, looking seriously perfect AF.