Everyone Is Hella Thirsty Over Jon Snow’s Booty In The GoT Season Finale

In the Game of Thrones Season Finale, fans finally got what they’ve been waiting for all season – a Jon Snow/Dany sex scene. Of course, it was extra creepy as Sam and Bran were discussing his true identity in the background (i.e.: he’s a Targaryen and Dany’s nephew), but fans were satisfied nonetheless. Crazy how far we have come as fans – hating Cersei and Jaime for incest but loving and rooting on Jon and Dany – dream big guys!

Of course, as in any sex scene, there’s nudity. But, fans could not get over actually seeing Jon Snow – aka Kit Harington’s – butt on screen. Yes, they showed off his bare, bare backside and Twitter was dripping with thirst. So, so much thirst.


Yes, that’s Jon Snow’s ass in all of its glory. And, here are the thirstiest GoT fans in theirs.

NGL, I’d take a bite outta that.