Emilia Clarke & Kit Harington’s Reaction To Their Hook Up Is Even Better Than The Actual Scene

On Game of Thrones, everyone was waiting for Dany and Jon Snow to finally hook up. From the beginning of the season when they first met, people noticed there was obvious sexual tension between the two characters. Fast forward to the Season Finale, everyone knew it was coming. Episode by episode, the two got closer and understood each other more. After seeing the other side of The Wall and having Dany lose one of her dragons, the two were united as one on a quest to defeat The White Walkers – but also, on a quest for each other’s hearts.

Of course, on the show, the two don’t know they’re related just yet. But, both Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington who play Dany and Jon on the show obviously know what’s going on. And, their reactions to the scene they had to do is actually hysterical – and similar to my reaction TBH.

Both Emilia and Kit admit that on set, they were making gagging faces and vomit noises because – incest is f*cking gross people. As much as everyone thinks they’re the “perfect couple,” they are still aunt and nephew and, it’ll be quite awkward when their characters eventually find out.

But, that’s Thrones Y’all.