Kit Harington Pranked Rose Leslie With A ‘Severed Head’ Of Jon Snow & It Is Absolutely Insane

During a recent interview on The Jonathan Ross Show, Kit Harington was *obviously* asked about his relationship with Rose Leslie and, he admitted that the two actually pull pranks on each other from time-to-time. So cute, so cute. The last prank that Kit pulled on Rose will actually have you dying, because it was absolutely insane.

On April Fool’s, Kit thought the only way to truly pull one over on Rose was to catch her completely off-guard. What better way to do so than by using a fake severed head of the character you play on your TV show – right? Kit explained that he placed a fake severed head of Jon Snow in the refrigerator so that Rose would see it right in the morning when she went to get food, juice, or milk. Obviously, when someone is half-awake looking for some morning eats, they’re not really anticipating a “severed head” to be staring at them.

How could this not freak anyone out? It does look f*cking insane.

Her reaction? Absolutely amazing, obviously. She totally was scared sh*tless and Kit even admitted it scared her more than he anticipated.

Here’s to knowing no love is real love unless you scare the sh*t out of your partner.