Jon Snow’s Behind-The-Scenes “Meeting” With Drogon Is Kinda Hysterical

Being an actor means playing make believe. Being a good actor means playing make believe convincingly. We know Kit Harington— who is half of a now-engaged adorable couple but who also plays Jon Snow in HBO’s record-breaking fantasy series Game of Thrones— is at the very leastGOOD actor, because of this BTS (behind-the-scenes for you plebes) HBO clip showing the meeting between Jon and Dany’s dragon Drogon.

The scene is of great significance to the plot of the show. It goes down at the end of Season 7 episode “Eastwatch” and confirms Jon is a Targaryen, paving the way for a much-shipped incest sex scene and also some future conflict surrounding The Throne for sure.

It’s sort of hysterical to watch Kit pet a giant blue foam shape on a stick, but also really makes you appreciate the dude’s acting chops.

Let’s not forget to give credit to the VFX folks and post-production editors, as well. They were able to transform this:

Into this:

With just computers!

So say what you will about 2017, but at least we have dragons. Let’s hold on to that.