Girl Tells Her Boyfriend She Shaved Her Head & His Response Is Absolutely F*cking Insane

When we want to see how much our significant other loves us – I mean truly loves us – we often play some little tricks and tests on them to see how much they really love us for us. You know – not our looks and appearance, but for us.

One girlfriend decided it would be a great idea to send her boyfriend a photo of her head partially shaved. She played it off as if they were doing “breast cancer awareness” at work and she had decided to partake in shaving her head for cancer patients. In reality, she had really used an app on her phone that makes people appear to be balding – like a Snapchat filter basically. Her boyfriend, however, did not think that his girlfriend would test him in such a way and completely lost his sh*t over her partially shaven head.

Seriously – the guy lost it. Check it out:

She starts off by sending the picture, to which, Jared – her boyfriend – begins freaking out:

Then, she sends a follow-up photo to try and make it look real:

She then explains it was for Breast Cancer Awareness – but Jared still isn’t pleased with his girlfriend:

To make her story more believable, she sends a photo of her friend with the same app:

Jared still isn’t happy. He starts to think that it has to be fake – because, well, he’s superficial and won’t date a bald girl, apparently:

Jared starts making his girlfriend feel pretty damn stupid – doesn’t he love her no matter what she looks like? I guess not:

Honestly, Jared sounds like he’s more concerned with what his girlfriend looks like rather than her being a good person. Any girl who “shaves her head for cancer” is a pretty brave chick in my book – and, admirable. Sure, he may not want to date a girl who’s bald – but that takes guts and a lot of selflessnesses that any guy would be lucky to find in a girlfriend.

So – Amanda – it may have been a prank, but I would reevaluate your relationship after this response, just saying.