You Need To Stop Giving A F*ck What People Think About You

It’s only weighing you down.

Everyone cares about what other people think about them. It’s a natural instinct in human nature. We are constantly changing ourselves, altering our daily decisions and being extra particular in our choices because we’re scared to be disliked or judged in an unflattering way.

Everyone wants to be liked. It’s normal. And, it’s normal to take other people’s feelings and thoughts into consideration sometimes. But, when you let other people’s views and opinions control you to the point where you can’t make up your own mind, for you and you only, then you have a bigger problem on your hands.

When you live your life for other people and not for yourself, you no longer are the captain of your own voyage. You become a viewer to a film you no longer direct. You become a copy, instead of being an original.

The more you care about what others think about you, the less you care about what you think of you. In turn, you start to live your life for other people instead of living your life for yourself. You let your dreams slip away, your passions fade out and you lose who you are as a person – what makes you, you.

No matter what happens in life, people are going to judge you and have things to say. But, the problem doesn’t lie within them – it lies within the way you respond to them. If you are constantly trying to please everyone, you’re only going to hurt yourself. You can’t make everyone happy and you shouldn’t have to.

The only people who matter are the people who are important in your life – and those people aren’t going to judge you based on the way you wish to live. In fact, your people are going to be the ones who cheer you on no matter what you decide to do.

Sometimes, we think that the key to getting people to “like us,” means that we have to please them and fit into a mold of who they want us to be. However, study groups have shown that people are more attracted and drawn to individuals with confidence and poise – who don’t follow the status quo and make their own path.

The digital age has fed us a false sense of truth, making individuals believe that their self worth is based on the number people who “like” them – how they look, what they have to say, what they like themselves. In fact, living in this way will attract people with superficial values and means. They only see things for their surface value, never divulging deeper into anything at all.

And, while you may feel sh*tty realizing “Oh f*ck, I definitely care too much about what other people think of me,” – don’t worry.

The beauty of realizing you care too much about what other people think is that you can now take action to make a change to live for you. When you stop giving a f*ck about what everyone else has to say, you take back your control and self-respect – your power.

Own that sh*t.