30 Tweets You’ll Only Find Funny If You Have An Amazon Alexa

For the past year or so, everyone has been obsessed with the Amazon Alexa. The tiny robotic genius has basically become another member of the family as more and more people add the technology to their household and use it on an everyday basis. As someone who owns an Amazon Alexa, I will say it’s a great invention and most definitely something that everyone can use frequently. But, as someone whose name is also Alexa, I hate Amazon for ever deciding to name it “Alexa.” Not only does it cause mass confusion whenever I go to someone’s house who owns one (including my own mother’s), but, it also makes people who meet me for the first time insist on making a corny joke like, “Alexa, what’s the weather?” or, “Alexa, play this song.” Hard pass, not that funny. However, these tweets about actually owning an Amazon Alexa–definitely funny.