23 Hilarious Stories From People Who Were Fired Their First Week Of Work

Starting a new job is always nerve racking you’re entering a whole new enviornment. That means you have to get along with your coworkers and get into a new routine. It can be quite the transition and at the back of your mind your constantly just hoping not to get fired. Getting fired within a week of starting a new job is no doubt embarassing but isn’t always your fault. At first you might think it’s embarassing but I think a lot of these people probably got lucky after hearing about their new bosses. These 23 ridiculous accounts from Reddit share how people lost their job within seven days of starting.

1. Sometimes it just might be worth losing your job.

I used to do tennis court maintenance on an island in Florida at a resort. My first day, the shop pro is late and I’m sitting on a golf cart after brushing the clay courts with Monica Seles just standing around waiting. She busts out with, “Want to hit a few balls?” So I’m down, how awesome is this? If you’ve never played with a professional tennis player before, you have no idea how fast that ball comes flying at you. It was like she was just practicing serving at me and I may have, being very generous, tipped a couple maybe. Well the shop pro shows up 15 minutes later and they do their thing. Comes up to me afterwards tells me I’m fired because policy says the court maintenance can not interact with the pros. Best thing I’ve ever gotten fired for!

2. So technically you weren’t fired which is good.

I showed up to a restaurant for my first day and there was a notice on the door that they had been shut down… i have so mamy unanswered questions

3. This person sounds like they’re a spy of some sort.

Hired as tech for a private investigator. They mostly did cheating spouses or insurance fraud.

Second day I walk in to get started in my new office. Told I’m let go, don’t disclose why, something about my background report and a “state police matter”.

Never been in trouble. Never been arrested. I was so confused. So I pull my own records. Nothing.

My last name is common in Portugese/Brazilian areas. They had mistaken me for another woman, same name as me and of similar age, who had quite a lot of bad behavior.

I wonder how reputable they are if they didn’t think to not only cross check the ages or go by last four of the social but, at least the state police weren’t investigating me.

Which would explain why they were confused when I called them hysterical asking if they needed me to come in for questioning.