People Experienced In Heartbreak Share Their Most Meaningful Breakup Advice

No one can really prepare you to overcome heartbreak. It’s a period of just really confusing and mixed feelings of grief, sadness, anger, and hopelessness. You try to find ways to console yourself by explaining how it just wasn’t meant to be or you go on hours back and forth in your mind questioning what went wrong and how to find a way to fix it because maybe just maybe everything will go back the way it was. It’s completely normal to feel lost after cutting ties with someone you were so used to being with. That person you could be yourself with and that you fell in love with. When that person is gone, you feel like a part of you is gone.

This is the time where you reach out to closest friends and loved ones hoping that they have all answers when in reality they don’t. Pretty much all the responses you’ll get are mainly “Everything will be fine, just give it time, you will get over it.” Of course, that may be true but that’s not what you’re looking for at the moment. Does not mean that they don’t mean well but You’re looking for comfort, not facts. Again, you cannot prepare yourself to go over such a painful period but if you are, these Redditers have come out to share what in time, eventually helped them overcome a breakup.


Remind yourself that you love yourself. Say it out loud.

Focus on self improvement. “The best revenge is living well.”


You will get over it. Think about how independent you will be without a girl/boyfriend by your side. Do whatever the fuck you want! You can go to the hut, travel anywhere whenever you like, be with friends, party. And you dont even need to check on him/her if it’s cool.

I quote “This too shall pass” my friend


Get off the couch and explore the world!