People Experienced In Heartbreak Share Their Most Meaningful Breakup Advice


They fade away after a few months to 2 years. “Getting over” a breakup is just getting used to them not being around anymore. This is made easier by the wiring in our brains that make “out of sight, out of mind” possible. My advice is this: get rid of everything that reminds you of them. Example, did you walk with them somewhere every weekend? Solution is to not walk there anymore. I understand it’s hard to remove every reminder, but once you remove a lot of them your brain takes care of the rest.


Waiting for things to blossom once again usually may seem forever, but rest assured, blossom periods will come. Like seasonal periods, they work on cycles. Although you may not see it, things are happening in the background (don’t bother looking). Spend more time with family and go out and find again the friends you can trust. And one day, you will begin blossoming.


Love yourself. Nothing you do will be as important as taking care of yourself, because if you don’t, you’ll never have the ability to love another.