People Experienced In Heartbreak Share Their Most Meaningful Breakup Advice


Give it time.. shit can suck really bad when you feel like your best wasnt good enough for someone else BUT you can use this as motivation to become better for yourself and for someone who will appreciate it more in the future. ūüôā chin up buddy.. it gets better.


Look over at what went wrong, and learn something from that experience. No matter how painful it is, just keep moving forward.


be kind to yourself. you’re probably not flawless, but beating yourself up isn’t going to help you grow and it certainly won’t change anything. be honest, but be kind. and, perhaps this is a little silly but i’ve always kept in the back of my mind an old Cosmo tip: it should take one week for every month you were together to get over someone. i don’t hold it as a hard rule, but just a good idea.