People Are Sharing The Worst Advice They’ve Ever Received

Facing a situation that’s new to you is always a little bit scary. Naturally, we turn to loved ones, people we trust, and people who have already been through similar experiences. Luckily, at some point in our lives, I’m sure, someone has shared some incredible advice with you. I’m also sure for that one piece of excellent advice you probably were offered countless pieces of horrendous advice. This list is dedicated to the absolute worst advice anyone has received. It’s shocking to imagine someone can pass down such horrendous advice has even gotten to a position where they can share their knowledge. Good thing these folks new the advice they were given was completely ludicrous and paved their own way. Check out 30 of the worst possible advice anyone has ever heard.

It’s called gravity, look it up.

When I was in high school I had a friend who was not the smartest. I remember him telling me if I didn’t want to get a woman pregnant, then she should be on top so the sperm can’t flow up. He became a father his sophomore year.

The Bible says a lot of interesting things…

“You know, son, there really is no such thing as cheating if you aren’t married. The Bible doesn’t recognize any relationship that isn’t bound in the covenant of the Lord. So until you are married, relationships don’t really exist.”

“Thanks Dad, you just indirectly explained why you’re on your third marriage.”

We’re glad to hear your friend is alright.

I called Kids Help Phone when I was a teen to ask for advice on how to help my depressed friend. They advised I find new friends. I wish I was making this up.

edit: To clarify, the conversation was VERY short. I explained my friend has been struggling, depressed with no motivation and isolating herself from others, along those lines (it was a while back) and what can I do. The only piece of advice they gave me was to “let her sort it out on her own” and “find new friends”. That’s it. Nothing to interpret or misinterpret I don’t think. We remained friends though and shes alright now.