15 Pieces Of Health Advice That Doctors Want Everyone To Know

Everyone wants to be a little more healthy. Whatever that specifically means to you, we are all bound by our mutual desire to feel better, look better, and generally go through life feeling like “yeah, I’m doing all the right things.” So whether you’re hitting the gym on the reg, drinking hot water with cyan pepper, or trying to meditate while your cat walks all over you, know that you’re not alone.

That said, there are some little pieces of basic health info that doctors wish more people knew and took seriously. Follow them, and you might just feel good enough to gorge on pizza guilt free.

1. Your immune system is dope.

It’s true. Your immune system is the thing that prevents you from being sick most of the time. And when you do end up with a cold or something, your immune system is the thing that kicks it the f*** out. So take care of your whole machine by getting exercise, eating healthy, and not putting poison in your body.

Speaking of poison:

2. Smoking sucks.

You probably already know this, but smoking is terrible. Doctors can’t recommend enough that you stop doing this if you do it. They fill your arteries with fat, they can cause strokes, they can cause heart and lung problems, and they can even cause bladder cancer — which means you’ll be peeing into a bag for the rest of your life.

Don’t do it.

3. Headaches are usually a sign of two things.

Lack of sleep, or lack of water. Think about those two factors before you start freaking out about your head hurting. More sleep and more water are pretty much never a bad idea.

4. Grapefruit can f*** with antibiotics.

It’s true, about half of all antibiotics can be inhibited by the compounds in grapefruit. So just go ahead and avoid the stuff while you take them. Not sure about grapefruit beer.

5. Early signs of a heart attack should not be ignored.

Seems obvious, but apparently there are people who try to tough it out when they feel the early signs of a heart attack. Super duper don’t do that. Heart attacks are life threatening and the sooner you’re in a physicians hands, the better.