A D**k Shaped Church Had A Water Main Break Right In The Tip?


If you’ve ever lurked around the Mildly Penis subreddit you’ve probably come across the Christian Science Society Church in Dixon, Illinois, because, well, it looks mildly like a d**k.

Last week the Christian Science Society Church was in the “news” (if that’s what you call stories about giant d**k churches) once again, this time because allegedly a water main had broken right on the corner of the street, making it look like, you know…

It’s one of those stories you see on the Internet and pray is true, but unfortunately, it’s not.

The part about the Church being a d**k , now that is 100% true. You can see it on Google Earth here…

And even on the street map it looks like a D…

It’s just that “too good to be true” part about the water main that’s, well, too good to be true. Turns out it’s from a Tweet in 2013.

Not only did the New York Daily News call it a Photoshop job, some sad, pathetic truther went deep on proving that unless every single car happened to be in the same location during the water main break as they were when Google’s satellites passed by, this was a hoax.

In fairness, it’s a great story and you could totally see Fox & Friends covering something dumb like this. Or at least falling for the fake story. So don’t feel bad if you bought in when you first saw it.

h/t dailydot