15 Pieces Of Health Advice That Doctors Want Everyone To Know

6. Don’t stop taking your drugs early.

Little known fact: your doctor knows what the f*** he or she is talking about, and gave you specific instructions. If you end your course of antibiotics early because you feel better (or you want some grapefruit) you could relapse back into whatever brought you to the doctor in the first place.

If you’re prescribed a medication, do what the instructions say, and don’t try to outsmart the person who went to medical school.

7.  Get vaccinated.

Seriously. And get your kids vaccinated. The vaccines work, and there is no evidence that they don’t or that they’re dangerous. Don’t be a moron.

8. Tell doctors about all your medication.

If you’re seeing a new doctor, or end up in the emergency room, it’s vitally important that you disclose all of the medication you take on a regular basis. Make a list next time you have a second. This is information that will help your doctor help you.

9. You don’t always need antibiotics.

In fact, in some cases, it’s better to avoid them. Antibiotic resistance has spiked in the last 20 years because people lean on them for everything. If you’re feeling awful, go to the doctor! But if he tells you you can go home and tough it out, do that. It’s for the good of all of us.

10. Get more blood tests.

Your blood can tell you so many things. Early signs of cancers, viral diseases, STD’s, etc. Getting a yearly checkup and blood work done can save you a whole lot of trouble later on, and it can save your life.