15 Pieces Of Health Advice That Doctors Want Everyone To Know

11. Alcohol withdrawal can be deadly.

Even if you’re not that heavy of a drinker, quitting booze cold turkey can have some serious health effects. Notify your family that you’re going to be quitting so they can monitor you, and it’s even better to notify your doctor.

12. The ER is usually first come / first serve.

And getting there via ambulance doesn’t necessarily mean you get VIP treatment.

13. Do regular breast and testicle exams.

It’s no joke. Finding a mysterious lump or bump on your breasts or testicles can be the first sign of a deadly cancer. Boys, check your boys, and girls, check your girls. There are plenty of guides online for how to do it thoroughly.

14. Keep an eye on your weight.

Weight doesn’t equal health, but a sudden change in weight could be a sign that something is up. If you’re rapidly gaining or losing weight over a couple days, talk to your doctor. Everything from cancer to a heart problem could be a factor in sudden weight gain or loss.

15. Tylenol only treats the symptoms of a fever.

In other words, you or your kid is still sick. Even if you bring your fever down and feel a lot better, stay in bed and keep treating yourself. Don’t go out with friends, because you’ll just get them all sick.