Married Women Share Their Best Piece Of Dating Advice And You’ll Want To Write Them Down

Dating is hard in today’s society. It is so easy to fight over the littlest things in a relationship and so hard to trust someone else with all of our cynical trust issues we’ve developed because of horrible dates and social media. Being in the dating pool is scary. It literally is like swimming with sharks. But have no fear, there are those who have managed to find a life-partner successfully. Thankfully, these women aren’t afraid to give us some solid and harsh advice so we, too, can find someone to tolerate us forever. Married women share their secret on how they survived dating and then ended up in a successful married relationship. Grab a pen and paper ladies, you’ll want to take notes during this lesson!

Mary, 32

“I let my guard down with my husband from day one.”

Jen, 30

“I never compared myself to the women he was with before. Doing so, will make you insecure and set you back in the relationship. If he wanted to be with his “exes” he would be.”

Samantha, 34

“This is cliche but I made sure I truly loved myself before I started dating.”