5 Reasons Why Being The Third Wheel Isn’t As Bad As You Think

2017 is almost over and if you don’t know by now what it means to be the third wheel in a relationship, you have been missing out on culture for the last few years. Being the third wheel means pretty much being apart of a relationship that is not yours by attending dinners, going to movies and hanging out at the house with those two who are actually in the relationship. Most of the time, it’s your best friend and their significant other while you’re single AF. While it sounds pretty sad, it’s actually not as bad as you think. Sometimes, being the third wheel is like having two support systems nearby all the time. While you don’t have someone to cuddle with at the end of the night, at least you’re not going out to dinner by your lonesome all the time.

1. You have two people to watch over you and be your wing-people when you go out.

People who are in a relationship will go out to spend time with each other. The days of searching the bar to find someone is long over for the couple you are third wheeling with. Instead, they can now spend time with each other watching over you and helping you scope out potential dates. It’s always nice to have your friend’s opinion, but having her BF’s opinion can also be pretty helpful, too.

2. You get two perspectives and thoughts when it comes to advice on dating.

Third wheeling gives you the chance to get insight on relationships, dating and hooking up from two different people that made it work; so they must have done something right in their time. Hearing from two different perspectives will help you deeply analyze any dating situation you are in and you will easily be able to tell if you are wasting your time or not when you eventually find someone.

3. On the very special occasion, your meals will get paid for too.

See, it really is not so bad being the third wheel. More often than not, one person in the relationship will pay for dinner, so even when there is a third wheel; the nice thing to do is for that one person to pay for their significant other and the third wheel. You really are apart of the relationship when this happens. But, sometimes, you’ll have to pay for them too – don’t be a mooch.

4. When a fight occurs in the relationship, you easily get to walk away.

No relationship is perfect, and fights are bound to happen. But, lucky for you as the third wheel; you can flee the scene of a fight and come back when the coast is clear. No questions asked. Once the fight is all over and taken care of, you get to enter back into the relationship without being affected at all. No tears or emotions for you.

5. But you also get to play peacemaker and help the relationship work.

You’re the glue that holds the relationship together as the third wheel sometimes. You really should give yourself some more credit. You are the therapist following a big fight, the shoulder to cry on when things go south. That is a big responsibility keeping a relationship together and helping out your friends. You may feel pathetic that you’re always around, but sometimes, they really do need you. Everyone needs an outside opinion every once in a while about life – even your BFF’s boyfriend may ask you for advice, it’ll make you feel important and not so alone.