15 Pieces of Tough Love Everyone Needs To Hear In Their Life

In life, we’re told to be a certain way, act a certain way – that things are one certain way. But, sometimes, we need to be reminded of reality, to have our feet planted back on the ground and realize that it’s not them, it’s us, they’re not wrong, we are, life sucks, deal with it. And, we call these pieces of advice “tough love.” In life, everyone needs it every once in a while.

1. Bad habits aren’t cute as you get older.

Smoking, blacking out, picking at scabs, biting your nails – the older you get, the worse they look. It’s better to cut them out when you’re young, rather than being the adult with bad habits.

2. It’s not always them, sometimes it’s you.

Every breakup you have will not be their fault. Sometimes, you make mistakes and f*ck up in relationships, too. Own it and learn from it.

3. Every job is still going to be a job.

You may not like your job right now, but even your “dream job” is still going to be a lot of hard work and labor. No matter where you work, you’ll have to work.

4. You don’t need someone else to be with “forever.”

Just because society says you have to get married and have kids, that doesn’t mean you have to. Not everything everyone else does will fit into what you want or need from life.

5. Lying will always come back to bite you in the ass – just be honest.

Telling the truth in certain situations may seem hard, but lying will always come full circle. You should go through the hurdles of honesty rather than running around in lies for the rest of your life.

6. Not everyone is going to like you.

You’re going to have people that dislike you. No matter who they are or what it’s about – just deal with it. You can’t make everyone love you and you’re wasting your time trying to.

7. Your health will not always be there, take care of your body before it’s too late.

Everyone jokes about “not going to the gym” and “eating like sh*t,” but, it’s not a joke when you start aging. Eventually, your body is going to have enough of the abuse and it’ll start to deteriorate and weaken.

8. Everyone gossips about everyone, people always have sh*t to say.

Everyone is going to talk sh*t about each other – no matter what. The less of a big deal you make it out to be, the less it really matters. Who cares what everyone else says anyway?

9. You’re not always the victim.

In arguments with friends, family, and partners – you are not always the victim. In fact, sometimes, you’re the one who is wrong. Open your eyes and listen to see where you need to make changes.

10. Nothing lasts forever – no matter how hard you try.

Things end, people change. Not everyone is meant to be in your life forever and sometimes – it really f*cking hurts.

11. Constantly complaining makes you annoying to be around.

No one wants to surround themselves with a negative person all of the time. Write in a journal, start a blog, do meditation if you need time to decompress and unwind with life’s stresses. Your friends and partner are not your soundboard 24/7 and you cannot always dump your sh*t onto them.

12. People can change – but only if they want to change.

In relationships, people always tell you “people don’t change,” but, if someone really wants to change, they can and they will. If someone makes excuses, it’s because they don’t think they’re wrong and they don’t care. Pick up and move on.

13. School is actually important if you try.

School always matters in the long run, if you try and actually pay attention. While the subjects may not always be vital, the conversations and discussions you have with teachers, professors, and peers can shape you and mold you into a better person.

14. No one really knows what the f*ck they’re doing.

Even the most confident person questions their life every once in a while. No one really has everything figured out in life, stop worrying that you’re the only one who doesn’t.

15. Pay attention to your needs, stop trying to please everyone else.

If you feel your body is hurting, see a doctor. If you are feeling depressed, see a therapist. If you’re running low on money, stay home instead of partying. Pay attention to your needs before anything else.