23 Hilarious Stories From People Who Were Fired Their First Week Of Work

13. Sometimes you deserve to get bounced.

I pressed the wrong buttons on the till and sold a £50 watch for 50p. My boss made the right decision there…

14. Well, we don’t appreciate your attention to detail, Jane.

I was 18 and moving to a new town to go to college. I wanted a part time job for extra money, so a couple weeks beforehand I applied, interviewed and was hired by a telemarketing company. Evening and weekend hours. Exactly what I was looking for.

A week before I was to move I showed up on a Saturday and did the training program. The manager said I did great, she really seemed to like me, she said your first day is a week from today. I said I can’t start then because that is the day I’m moving, can we push it back one day. She said no problem!

I get a call from the same manager on Wednesday reminding me my first day is this Saturday. I say no, it’s not, it’s Sunday. I’m moving on Saturday, remember? That’s right, my mistake. See you on Sunday.

Moving day arrives. It’s the end of the day. I go out and grab some fast food for dinner. When I get back there is a message on my answering machine. It’s literally the first message I have ever got in my own place (I was living with my parents before this). Who could it be!?

“This is Jane with XXX Telemarketing. I don’t appreciate having my time wasted by someone whose not responsible enough to show up for their first day of work. This is your official notice that your employment with us is terminated.”

Jane is the person I spoke to a week earlier, and on Wednesday, that said my first day was Sunday.

Fuck you Jane.

15. If only you got food all over some “less important” people.

16 years old. Day two of work. Hired as a busboy for a fancy restaurant. Cleaning up a table of food, drinks, and stuff. As I finished up, I tripped on my too long pants, and dumped a whole tray of all the food and drinks all over several people that were “very important”. Got fired right on the spot.