23 Hilarious Stories From People Who Were Fired Their First Week Of Work

22. Snack time is for managers, not new hires.

Oh man! My time to shine. Okay so I got a job at a local taco joint, it was a slow day and I was training with the manager. We’re in the back and the manager takes a chip dips it into a guac tub and eats it. I’m like cool, its snack time so I follow suit and he looks at me and says “you cant do that I have to fire you”. I thought it was a joke…but then he fired me. It was so ridiculous that I wasn’t even mad.

23. They probably thought you were a spy.

When I was a kid I was fired from Menard’s 3 hours into my first shift after they discovered I had worked at Home Depot. I never understood that one, but Menard’s was a private company so whattya do.