Millennials Share The Lies They Were Told Growing Up

Millennials have been blamed for killing everything. Everything! From soap, the NFL and the oil industry to fashion, vacations, and Applebee’s, our generation bears the brunt of…a lot. A lot of stuff that isn’t our fault. Did you know that a student working a minimum wage summer job in 1978 could afford to pay their full year’s college tuition without taking out loans? That idea is hysterical today. It’s so funny it’ll make you cry.

And being told college will get you a job and thus set you up for life is just one of the big fat lies we were told. A question posited by Redditor KnickerWolves asked, “Millennials of Reddit, what lie were you told growing up?” and the answers ranged from ouch-so-true to WOW I forgot that was a thing.


“Go to college, I’ll pay for it.”

My $39K debt says otherwise.


That if I don’t have my life figured out by the time I’m 25 then I have some serious problems.


“Most people on the internet are dangerous weirdos!”

Most people on the internet are really fucking ordinary people.


That high school will be the best years of your life.

At 31 I have to say those were the worst 4 years of my life.

I feel UppityDragon so hard on this:

“It will all make sense when you’re older.” Fuck that, everything makes even less sense. Now I’m older and expected to be independent and STILL don’t understand half the shit I need to accomplish that successfully.