Millennials Share The Lies They Were Told Growing Up


“You’ll regret spending so much time on that computer when you’re older”



All guys will only want sex from you *all the time. Turns out that kind of thinking is harmful to a young woman’s sexual-psychological development.

*Edit to add/specify that this also includes the idea that men are always “ready” to have sex at a moment’s notice, and if they aren’t, it obviously means there’s something wrong with you (or them) or they’re cheating (ridiculous, just because it’s anecdotally true for some doesn’t mean it’s a certainty).


That marijuana was bad and is a gateway drug. Alcohol is worse and is THE gateway drug.


America is the best. It turns out we are ok in many things, but not the best, and in many areas we are not even ok.


Everyone in here is forgetting that WE WERE SUPPOSED TO HAVE FLYING CARS BY NOW!