7 ‘Bad Habits’ Millennials Have That Makes Society F**king Hate Them

Being a millennial is actually harder than it seems. The amount of first world problems we face is insane. Bad WiFi, Uber surcharges, and struggling to find a perfect Instagram filter. (Kidding, but not kidding). On a serious note, we are constantly being judged for just being us. The thing that society has a hard time understanding is that our strong, wild and free character was how we were brought up; and we don’t know how to behave any other way. The children of each generation reflect the times they are raised in. Millennials grew up in a world where Apple was born, newspapers and magazines developed into digital editions and making a living off of an Instagram began not as far-fetched as it seemed. We get enough hate as it is, it really is tough being a millennial; so giving us a hard time over bad habits we can’t control is kind of cruel, don’t you think? So yes, as millennials we do engage in bad habits that makes society hate us, but it is just a reflection of who we are as a kick a** generation.

1. Taking selfies in public.

Whoops! I will never apologize for this one! Millennials are taught to use the technology that we have grown up with. If I chose to use my iPhone to take a selfie before I hit the gym, at my desk or at the most inappropriate time possible (like in the car on the way to witnessing my sister go to jail, shoutout Kim K. West) I will do as I please.

2. Challenging authority and everyone above us in society.

We are strong and opinionated; there is nothing that is going to change that. Challenging authority and others opinions and ideas give us life, seriously. It is invigorating to have an opinion and stand up against someone else, especially someone older than you. This is how social justice is born. Black Lives Matter and other activist platforms are able to have a voice and a say because we have no fear when it comes to challenging the man. In order to bring change, one must feel comfortable saying “no.”

3. Feeling the need to update all social media platforms at every single second of the day, literally.

Again, we grew up and matured at the same time Apple was developed. With each new Apple product released we find ourselves growing and maturing. It is a weird analogy to think about but it is true. With the creation of these amazing gadgets came these platforms that give us a voice. I will post a photo of everything I do all day long and you can’t stop me. Twitter allows me to report on just about anything in real time – and, while people judge us, they use the same exact technology to keep up to date on news, entertainment and other events (hypocrites).