Twitter Asked People To Rename Movies With Millennial Titles And The Answers Are So Extra

Everyone hates on Millennials for a slew of reasons. They think we’re lazy, they think we’re incompetent, they think we expect everyone to give us everything for free. None of these, in fact, are true. Of course, you’ll find lazy, incompetent and mooching people in any generation, but you can’t say we’re all bad eggs. Some of us are great – and will go on to discover new planets and sh*t like that. Others, well, we’ll be the mooching Millennials you love to point fingers at. One thing is for sure, universally about Millennials – we’re pretty damn funny. At least we have a good sense of humor about the world burning around us. Twitter decided to do a little hashtag roundup and asked people to “Millennial A Movie,” which means, basically, give it a more “Millennial” title. The results are so good, you’ll choke on your low-cal peanuts, Janet.