12 Reasons Why The Characters Of ‘Finding Dory’ Are Hilariously People We Know

First off, Gerald is my spirit animal

‘Duuddeee’! Isn’t it mind-blowing that “Finding Nemo” came out 14-years-ago?! The fish-friendly movie that stole our hearts took us back with “Finding Dory” last year & we all loved it even more. However, once you’ve watched a good amount of times (I’m up to 8), you start to notice that these characters are totally relatable to the people we have in our everyday lives, or even ourselves. We cracked down each character to show that they are definitely the personalities you encounter with on your average day.

1.Gerald, the walrus who seems to annoy everyone.

Let me just say, this character should have gotten more camera time because he’s funny as hell. We all know that one person we cannot stand and does everything wrong, and Gerald does a good job doing just that.

2. Dory, the forgetful blue fish who seems to just simply….forget about almost EVERYTHING.

Dory’s personality is the huge reason why she got her own spin-off in the first place and we were all too excited when the movie came out in theatres, BUT another reason why we love her so much is that we can relate to her. We all freak out once we forget something and sometimes that’s almost all the time when you don’t give two f*cks.

3. Hank, the octopus who just really hates life, so we can all relate.

All Hank wants to do is just go home and mind his damn business and obviously, we all know Dory doesn’t help with that. Clearly, Hank is all of us when we’re either at work, school or even ‘socializing’ – we just don’t care.

4. Destiny, the whale shark who you can always rely on when life goes left.

She’s your ride or die bestie who speaks whale with you – no questions asked. She is literally the perfect example of your best friend or YOU.

5. Bailey, he’s that person who truly thinks he has special talents, but it’s all bullshit LOL.

Don’t we all have that one friend or co-worker that SWEARS they know what they’re doing, but all you’re saying in your head is “Please, shut the f*ck up” – ya, Bailey is that guy.