12 Reasons Why The Characters Of ‘Finding Dory’ Are Hilariously People We Know

First off, Gerald is my spirit animal

6.Crush, when you’re just chill AF & always sending positive vibes.

Although we all know this sea turtle is HIGH AF, we can relate to him by his chilled out vibes & being care free because you need to do that in life.

7. Marlon, we’re all just paranoid AF with everything, so we’re there with ya bud.

I mean yes, he lost his son halfway across the world, but his paranoia is super relatable because we all think the worst sometimes (or all the time).

8. Nemo, the spontaneous clownfish who loves to challenge himself.

We all have that inner savagery that Nemo carries inside of us, and when push comes to shove & people tells us otherwise – we just touch ‘the butt’ and keep it moving.

9. Becky, she is that life guru who knows EVERYTHING.

Whether you’re in deep sh*t or simply vulnerable, you have a Becky in your life that you go to. It can be anyone like your aunt or your co-worker who seems like they know what to do in life. So, for all those Becky’s in our lives, thank you for guiding us.

10. Dory’s Parents, they are clearly the perfect representation of our parents, they will always care for us.

Dory’s parent’s never stopped caring for her & we all found out they had ways of trying to reach her. Towards the end, however, they touched all of our hearts when they reassured Dory that she will be okay- and every single parent does exactly that. We all adore you guys.

11. The Adorable Otters, they’re just REALLY F*CKIN cute.

And we’re all cute, so we can relate 100%.

12. Fluke The Sea Lions, they are basically the bystanders who watch your life turn to sh*t.

We all have those guys who just know all of your business and just watch your life unfold and they do nothing about it.