7 ‘Bad Habits’ Millennials Have That Makes Society F**king Hate Them

4. Wanting to work from home…three out of five days a week.

News flash for you, this does not make us lazy. Millennials like to have the freedom to work on our own time, and from elsewhere than a cubicle. It has nothing to do with our work ethic. We just want to have the freedom to work from where we please. Who doesn’t want to stay in sweats and in bed while they work? If we’re still doing the hard labor, why does that make us lazy? I bet we get more done in a day than you do at your desk job, anyway, Karen.

5. We are always on our phones, and never realize it or excuse ourselves for it.

Being on our phones all the time has just become natural for us. So we are very sorry that we don’t even realize it anymore that you are trying to have a conversation with us, but it really is just apart of our nature. We’re attached to technology, it’s true, and often times it can be rude, but other generations have rude social habits that they do, too.

6. We drink more times a week than we probably should be.

We are known for being out way too late at night and drinking more days than probably healthy or normal, but we do it anyway. We still have that go-getter attitude though, no matter how hungover we are, we show up to work. We’re the generation of “work hard, play harder,” and there’s nothing wrong with that.

7. We use memes to describe our life.

Every moment, relationship, experience, or problem is described to our friends using a meme. We just can’t help it. They’re hilarious and match our dead-pan humor. We’re living in a world where Donald Trump is President and there may be a nuclear war before we know it – give us a break and let us laugh through our pain.