This Guy Drunkenly Lost His ID And Got A $6,000 Bill For A Trip To Asia In The Mail

You know when you’re super drunk and you lose all of your sh*t? Hey – it happens to all of us at one point or another. Sometimes, we drink so much that we forget we brought a wallet, a bag, or a jacket to the bar with us and leave it behind. Other times we forget we opened a bar tab and forget to get our cards back. Either way, I’m sure we all have stories of when we drink too much. But, nothing tops the story of William George Armstrong and his missing ID. Armstrong took to Twitter to share the hilarious and actually amazing story.

After he lost his ID, he got something in the mail from Flight Centre – addressed to him. When he opened it, he saw that there were “travel documents” included.

When he opened the letter, he was probably shocked to see that someone used his name to book an entire trip to Maldives – which, if you didn’t know, is in Asia.

Included with his flights and trip information was a pretty outstanding bill – for $5,287.87. Could you imagine the heart attack he must have had?!?

But – low and behold, it was a huge prank. Steve, who worked for the Flight Centre office, found his ID and wanted to play a tiny prank on him – and, maybe get George to use them the next time he planned a trip somewhere.

That’s pretty well thought out and hilarious. I’m sure George was having a severe panic attack seeing someone booked a whole trip in his name. But, with the world of social media – of course, he would share this online. What better publicity for a company? He even went back to meet Steve in person.

He even answered him on Twitter, too.

And, Twitter loved it.