This Guy Pranks The Government By Getting Hilarious Drivers Licensed Photos

We all have some weird family traditions. For a guy named Jono Zalay and his family, it’s posing for driver’s licenses, college ID cards, passports, and other “official” picture-requiring pieces of identification as characters. Zalay’s father started the trend decades ago. With some good choices in hair, clothing, and facial expressions, old man Zalay posed for photos as a “mafia hitman, lumberjack, and civil war general where he shaved his beard into burnsides.” Hey, it’s a great way to make a long wait at the DMV at least somewhat interesting.

Jono Zalay is a comedian, and one of the places he does his comedy is taking after dad, and making crazy drivers licenses. He recently documented his past looks on Twitter (as well as his brother’s), amid his latest quest to find a good character when he needed to get a new license after moving to California.