36 Pictures You’ll Only Understand If You Went To Middle School In The 2000s

When you look back on your life, it seems like middle school was a completely different world that you somewhat tried to forget about, but still sneaks up on you every so often. Looking back on the years when you were just reaching your prime of teenage angst, it can be pretty painful. We all went through those embarrassing stages where we looked, felt, and acted awful. The bright side of it all is that if you went to middle school sometime in the 2000s (like me), we can all be universally embarrassed together.

1. Trading these bracelets so you can have the most in your class and feel like a total boss.

2. Thinking this would determine your entire life moving forward.

3.  Making everything into a competition to win…candy.

4. Making everything into a joke in class, even people’s downfalls.

5. Bringing this to school to distract you from boring lessons in class, then having the teacher take it away.

6. Illegally downloading music and hearing fake Bill Clinton instead of the song you wanted.

7. Thinking you were really cool for your parents having a computer, and realizing you couldn’t use it when your mom was on the phone.

8. Knowing it was going down when the TV was getting rolled into class.

9. Playing weird games that determined your “fate.”

10. That one kid in class who will probably develop led poisoning.