36 Pictures You’ll Only Understand If You Went To Middle School In The 2000s

21. Pretending you smoked cigarettes with this powder crap.

22. Knowing your parents truly loved you if they packed these in your lunchbox.

23. Getting excited AF to use the computer for homework so you could glam it up.

24. Being completely heartbroken when this happened to you and begging your parents to buy you  a new one for a “good cause.”

25. Being savage and not giving a flying f*ck because in reality, you’re 12/13 and no one is going to do a damn thing.

26. Feeling really cool for having this pencil, and then having to throw it out after one day.

27. Ruining a good pair of Converse by writing stupid sh*t on them.


28. And, ruining perfectly good jeans by doing the same.


29. Pretending you wear real makeup, but it’s really this cake-y garbage.


30. Making these “wallets.”