Girl Creates Genius Fake School Assignment To Avoid Getting Grounded After Her Mom Found Her Stash

Sometimes when you’re young, you experiment with things you shouldn’t bring home–like, for example, weed. One teen was caught by her mom harboring a bowl and some weed in her bedroom and obviously was on the verge of a pretty long grounding.

However, she was quick on her feet and came up with the most diabolical plan to get herself out of trouble (and keep her stash). (PSA–we here at BloomJoy are not condoning or promoting the use of illegal substances, but, are big fans of innovative kids).

Twitter user @prachid_ shared with followers that her mom had found her stash in her room and decided to come up with a fake assignment to get out of trouble.  The assignment essentially was a “test” of the “students” who received either fake drugs, a pregnancy test, or a beer bottle.


The teen even included a fake questionnaire about the process.


While it seems outlandish, it seems as though her mother believed her. So much so, that the teen kept her stash and her mother signed the document. To be honest, this is a bit wild, even for me. And, to put the school’s number on the sheet too? Even crazier. Kids these days, man.