36 Pictures You’ll Only Understand If You Went To Middle School In The 2000s

11. Always wanting to be friends with the rich kid in art class to use their stuff.

12. The one d*ck who used this and scarred you for life.

13. Being hella excited when your sub said you’d be playing this game.

14. Taking part in really tacky and ugly fads because they were “in style.”

15. Being that kid who didn’t want anyone to cheat off them, until you got to college and wanted to cheat off of everyone else.

16. Dancing with 5 inches between your crush at the dance to “Get Low.”

17. Getting super competitive during recess with this classic.

18. Wasting your parent’s money on books you would never read at the book fair.

19. Bumping to songs that were wildly inappropriate for someone your age to be singing.

20. Sending weird messages on…everything.