8 Things Every College Freshman Should Know Before Starting The Next Four Years


College. This is it. That point in your life where it all becomes real, real quick. It is what you have heard of your whole life. It’s the reason why you were forced to learn how to write in cursive even though you’re not even gonna need it but whatever, it gives us that fancy touch.

As much as you’ve looked forward to this moment, you cannot help but avoid feeling completely lost and well…. scared. The truth is no matter what you endlessly pile into your brain of what to do and what not to do in college, you can’t beat learning from your own experiences. BUT what I can do is give some unwinding advice before you commence your journey. It’s up to you if you want to take it.

1. Don’t ever hesitate to approach someone.

As unnerving as it sounds, don’t barricade yourself out of social interaction. If you don’t know something just ask. Think this: How are you gonna make any friends if you aren’t able to communicate with someone? The next thing you know, you’ll be the one being approached. It’s just the circle of life.

2. No one really cares how you look.

I know, I know. How on earth am I gonna step on campus without going through my everyday morning routine. Honestly, the amount of people on campus who have their own sh*t to worry about could care less about you. I’m sorry but it’s true.

3. Sit in the front.

Remember how in school you would completely avoid sitting in the first few rows in class? Yeah don’t. I promise you that if you care about your grades or overall GPA, you will gain nothing by creeping in the back. Get your a** up and find a spot in the front. Doesn’t have to be the first row but at least let your professor know you’re alive.

4. Don’t feel guilty about passing up on parties.

There will be plenty and I mean PLENTY of other parties you can go to. Trust me when I say that staying in one night to study will not kill you. In fact, it’ll save you from failing and looking like a complete idiot in the long run.

5. Make time for yourself.

College is stressful and although you can definitely have a ton of fun with your friends, nothing will ever come close to ME time. Do not forget to pamper yourself and disconnect from time to time. After all, that is the time where you begin to go through changes in your life. Be there when it happens.

6. Give yourself time to adjust.

Everyone goes at their own pace. If you don’t feel comfortable or confident within the first few weeks, it’s fine. It’s not a crime to take things slow and let everything sink in. Eventually you will warm up to it. Be patient.

7. Get Involved.

As basic as this sounds, getting involved in organizations/clubs will honestly help shape and even enhance your college experience. It’s a way to meet people that share the same interests as you and it keeps you active on campus life. It’s a win win.

and lastly..

8. Take advantage of EVERYTHING.

The resources are there. All you have to do is use them.