Adults Share Lessons They Learned In School That Turned Out To Be Completely Wrong

We all are forced to go to school for 20+ years to learn everything that we will need to know to be successful in life. But is everything that we learn in school always accurate? I can think of a countless number of times I have sat in a classroom and thought about how irrelevant everything I was being told was. I can also name a few times I’ve thought this is complete crap and I could teach the class better. Quora users share what they have come to find out to be completely incorrect following their schooling.

But how do you really count chromosomes?

“During my High School course in biology, the teacher taught us that the number of human chromosomes was 48, or 24 pairs, 24 chromosomes from your father and 24 chromosomes from your mother. This was very easy for me to remember because, every morning, we pledged allegiance to the flag that had 48 stars, arranged in a six-by-eight rectangle, and the multiplication table clearly said that six times eight is 48. (A couple of years later, the star pattern became more complicated — a four-by-five within a five-by-six — after Alaska and then Hawaii were added as states.) Much later, while in grad school, I discovered that the correct number of human chromosome pairs was 23, not 24. I also discovered that 24 had once been the accepted number of pairs, but that error had been corrected a few decades ago. I guess my old H.S. bio teacher was a bit out of date.”

Women can do anything men can…even lift.

” Lifting stunts your growth. And women shouldn’t lift weights. I had a teacher who once told me that men shouldn’t lift weights if they are younger than 25 because it stunts your growth. And women should never lift weights because it makes you muscular and unattractive. BS! No studies have ever been shown that lifting weights stunts or inhibits growth. And lifting alone does not transform your body. Your diet plays a very important role in the transformation.”

If history is in the past how could we ever be so sure of it?

“Betsy Ross and the American flag. The myth was created in 1876, by descendants of Ross who were creating a tourist attraction in Philadelphia for the American Centennial. See:

Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong: James W. Loewen: 9781595583260: Books” 

So basically education is a hoax:

“It starts maybe in our primary education.“Hockey is the national sport of India.” This is the basically a kind of hoax that we were taught for years, but actually there is no such sport in the country that has this status of “national sport” and there is no such official record or announcement from the Ministry of Government of India.”