Dad Shuts Down Sexist School Policy Forcing His Daughter To Attend Makeup Class

There are some school policies that are completely outdated. For some reason, although we are living in 2017, the education system believes we’re still living back in the 1960’s where women have one place in the home and men are the only ones who work with their brains. Please. That’s over. Cancelled. One dad felt nothing but immense anger and frustration when his daughter came home with a letter from school about “Boy’s And Girl’s Day.” First of all, that’s complete bullsh*t for those who are gender fluid and don’t wish to conform to society’s gender norms – so, nope. Also, it’s a bit sexist to believe all girls and boys operate the same way.

Dubbo West Public School separates the boys and girls on this “special day” to have the girls receive makeovers with “fabulous hair and light make-up,” and the boys attend a trip to a hardware store and receives a BBQ lunch. Ruby had told her father she didn’t want to get her hair and makeup done and would much rather attend the “Boy’s trip.” But, her teacher informed her it was “only for the boys.” Ruby’s father, in response, wrote this letter to the school saying:

“Dear Principal,

I must draw your attention to a serious incident which occurred yesterday at your school where my daughter Ruby is a year 6 student.

When Ruby left for school yesterday it was 2017 but when she returned home in the afternoon she was from 1968.

I know this to be the case as Ruby informed me that the “girls” in Year 6 would be attending the school library to get their hair and make-up done on Monday afternoon while the “boys” are going to Bunnings.

Are you able tos earch the school buildings for a rip in the space-time coninuum? Perhaps there is a faulty Flux Capacitor hidden away in the girls toilet block?

I look forward to this being rectified and my daughter and others girls at the school being returned to this millenium where schools activities are not divided among gender lives.


Stephen Callaghan”

Way to go, dad. Standing up for your daughter and what she believes in is a true test of good parenting. I’m a full believer in supporting your children’s dreams and if his daughter isn’t concerned with hair and make-up, so be it. Who the hell said all women should be, anyway? I don’t even know how to do makeup and I’m an adult (semi-adult). While the letter is completely just, some people agreed and others thought it was wrong to cause any outrage over it.