Teachers Share The Absolute Dumbest Questions They Were Ever Asked

Some people say there’s no such thing as a stupid question, maybe they’re right. This list, on the other hand, may prove this to not to be the case. The classroom is supposed to be a safe place, it’s also supposed to be a place that teaches you not to ask questions like these. I understand a lot of these questions are asked by kids and kids are learning. Use that sense of humor you’ve got and try and enjoy how funny some of the innocence behind some questions are. Other questions will seriously leave you questioning the future of planet Earth. I know not everyone asks such outlandish questions but just the fact that they’re out there shows that we’re taking a step back in the realm of evolution. Enjoy the wildest questions people have heard asked inside a classroom.


Student asked how to spell DNA… Not the full word Deoxyribonucleic acid, no.. The abbreviation DNA.

He wasn’t trolling or anything, he’s just never passed a test.


Not a teacher, but in my senior year of high school I was in a personal finance class. The teacher explained that not paying your taxes could get you incarcerated. Student: “So if you don’t pay your taxes, the government will light you on fire?!” Teacher: “No, incarcerated means to imprison. You’re thinking of incinerated.” Student: “Oh. Wait, then what’s taxidermy?”


Taught English/Literature in a Juvenile Justice long term treatment facility. I have many great stories.

Me: This is a map of the United States. Here is the midwest–it’s where your math teacher is from. Student: Oh snap. We’re in a war with them. Me: Are you thinking about the middle east? Student: Oh yeah, is that a different place?

Me: (Playing a trivia game with students) Johannes Gutenberg invented what? Student: (Shoots his hand up in the air quickly before I even finished the question and very sure of his answer) Cheese!

Student: (Reading the three little pigs out loud)And the big bad wolf huffed and he puffed…and he passed it around Me: I’ve never heard of that version of the story before Mr. Student Student: You wouldn’t, Mr. Ellipsis_, it’s the hood version


Had a student ask me “What are those pyramid-shaped things in egypt called?”

Never seen a class laugh that hard before.


15 year old : “Is Russia part of China?”
17 year old : “Do the trains run when it’s raining?”
14 year old : “Is a second the same as one second?”
16 year old : “What are odd & even numbers?”