Millennials Share The Lies They Were Told Growing Up


Be loyal to your company. They’ll take care of you.

Also, follow your dreams, get a house with a yard, and you’ll be able to retire.


“Always check your Halloween candy because someone might have put drugs in there!”

Drugs are expensive. No one is giving that shit away for free to children! But I still check my kids’ candy for open wrappers just in case there’s any funny business…and Reese’s Cups.


You need to define yourself by your job. I wasn’t told this directly but we live in a culture of dream jobs or people asking “what’s your job” when they meet you. My work is cool but it’s just work. My hobbies are what I define myself around.


That receiving ‘participation trophies’ were our fault. No kid was out there demanding a trophy for losing. Some dumbass parent thought it would be nice for their kid to get a trophy so somehow this has become normal and everyone claims some 5 year old masterminded the whole thing.


So many movies growing up have people going to college, finishing at like 21, and already being engaged and married immediately after. Then within like 2 years of working they’re already buying a house with like 3 kids by 25.

Like Jesus Christ I’m 26 and just got engaged, only now getting a career in my field, and I’m still living at my parents after living away for like a year. Everything’s just so damn expensive and there’s just no money to be found. I can’t imagine raising kids yet.


That I’m smart. I was smart, sure- for a kid. But as I’ve gotten older that’s evened out significantly. I may know a lot of trivia and a lot about certain key subjects, but those are not actually marketable skills. So I work nights at a hotel and squeak by, living with my parents and racking up credit card debt to make ends meet.